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What Is NCUK?

NCUK is unique in UK higher education. We are a consortium of leading universities dedicated to giving international students guaranteed access to universities worldwide and helping you succeed when you get there.

Our qualifications are recognised by our own universities and by most others across the UK, including many in the Russell Group, and also by universities internationally. And far more than other qualifications, they prepare you to hit the ground running.

NCUK always acts in your best interests, helping you realise your dreams and ambitions, both at university and afterwards, in your life and career.

Whether you’re looking for a place as an undergraduate or a postgraduate, our qualifications and guaranteed access are the best there are. They are designed in collaboration with our universities, and combine high academic standards, with language, study, social and cultural skills.

You can study in your own country or at one of our study centres in the UK and Europe, taught by quality assured partners whose standards are as high as our own. And our qualifications are backed by fantastic levels of service and support, and an outstanding 30-year track record.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of international students gain guaranteed access to leading UK universities, choosing from thousands of different courses, and earning good undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a huge range of subjects.

NCUK is here to make sure that you get in and get on. We’ll help you find your perfect place in a UK university.

NCUK – Your best route to university.

University of Bristol
University of Bradford
University of Birmingham
University of Aston Hero

Course Details


July 13th – October 2nd 2020


10 weeks of class time

Course 2020-2021

Starting October 5th, ending June 11th


30 weeks of class time + exams


October 5th – December 18th


10 weeks of class time

Course 2021

January 4th – July 30th 2021


26 weeks of class time + exams

Student Testimonials

Basma El Jamri

11' cohort
Being the first Moroccan NCUK graduate, I am fortunate and grateful for the fair chances that this programme provides to students: an incredible amount of resources, guidance, and help throughout the studies. It is an undeniable way of unlocking both educational and professional ambitions in the UK. Now that I look back, I appreciate all the perks it has offered me to be ready for my career endeavours.

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